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Welcome to the semi-official Stickworld Wiki!

The Stickworld and The Cliff are an animated series on YouTube made by the youtuber Zeruel82Mk2. The series has many interesting characters, a large fanbase and a very lore-filled plot. If you are new here and unfamiliar with the series, check out the links here and get started watching!

This wiki itself is currently Semi-Official, as Zeruel82Mk2 himself knows it exists and has advertised it, but has not physically come here yet.

We currently have 345 pages and we have collectively made a total of 14,314 edits.




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January 16th: Creation of the Stickworld Wiki Day!

September 29th: Creation of the Stickworld Day!

November 8th: Creation of The Cliff Day!

New Episodes

08/28 - The Cliff 6: Part 2/2 - Overseer Lolph VS The One

The fate of the entire Stickworld rests on this final battle...

08/14 - The Stickmen vs The Gravity Maze part 1/2

The stickmen visit the mysterious Gravity Maze and its master...

06/05 - The Cliff 6: Part 1/2 - The One Strikes Back

Overseer Lolph's plan has finally been set into motion. The resurrection of The One is close... Will everything go as Lolph planned, or will it all end in tears?

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Hi, i'm Kevin91103. I am the Founder of this wiki, and am also currently a very active editor. I'm happy to have you here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on my Message Wall!   (Note: My username is a link! Click it to go to my profile page!)


Hi!. I am Aslam113. I am a HUGE fan of Zeruel82mk2's FlipaClip animations. I am the co-founder of The Stickworld Wiki. I too, am happy to have you guys here and on this awesome wiki, too!!!. I'm not a very active editor; I usually just browse the wiki and create pages when I need to and comment on other people's work.Whenever I'm not on my wiki, I like going on other wikis such as: Villains Wiki, Heroes Wiki, Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki, Wookieepedia the Star Wars Encyclopedia and The Maze Runner Wiki. (A Message from the Creator: My username is also a link. Click on it if you want to go onto my profile page)


Hello there! I am TanTheMaker69, and I am a discussion moderator! I am a newly earn staff, so apologies if I did something wrong. I have been watching the wiki since The Cliff wiki, and I am happy to become a moderator! Apologies if I made a grammar error. And with that said, hope you all have a great day!. My username is also a link. Click on it to go onto my profile page.

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